An Early Morning

Today, I actually am on top of things!  It always helps to get up early.  Of course, I’ve realized by now that if I go back to sleep after Olivia’s morning feed then the day is basically lost.  Once she’s up for the day, I hav3e no time left to do anything for myself.  Her morning nap is spent taking a shower and eating breakfast.  Her afternoon nap is spent doing dishes and laundry.  And wait a minute, often there IS no afternoon nap, and sometimes there’s no morning one either.  


But today, glory of glories, after feeding Olivia from 4:30-5:15am, I decided to just stay up.  I put her back to sleep (which she does pretty easily in the mornings) and ate breakfast.  I showered.  I cleaned up all the laundry.  I finished the dishes from last night.  It was GLORIOUS having more than a 45 minute chunk of time to myself.  She didn’t wake up again until 7:15!   I even ironed one of my husband’s shirts.  And that is somthing I *never* do, just ask him. 

 On a side note, I’d like to praise my husband for being so wonderful.  He has always ironed his own shirts for as long as I’ve known him.  He doesn’t ever make a big deal out of it either, even when it makes him late for work.  Sometimes he even ironed MY shirts for me!  I think I only ironed his shirts for him maybe once?  He is such a loving, selfless guy, I would never trade him for anything.


So anyways, after Olivia woke up, I fed her, and for some reason she vomited twice… sometimes she spits up a little, but this was really a lot, and it came gushing out all over the place.  It soaked right through my jeans all the way down to my underwear.  Poor girl.  But she is such a happy, easy-going baby, right after vomiting she started smiling at me!  She squealed and trilled and looked as if nothing had ever happened.  It was so cute, I didn’t mind the vomit at all.  


Well, now it is 9:00 am and Olivia is back down for her morning nap.  It was so easy to get her to sleep, I couldn’t believe it.  Maybe the string of tough days is finally over?  I sure hope so!   


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