Turning Point

Olivia in the car seat

Ready to go out for the day

It’s been some time since my last post, since we have been quite busy!  I stuck to my resolution of getting out twice every day, and it has helped us so much I can’t even begin to describe it.  I feel like a new person.  Olivia still has her usual burping and digestion issues, but I don’t notice it as much when we are around other people… I guess the whole thing is just less magnified.  I deal with it, but I can chat with a friend at the same time, and that helps me stay patient about the whole thing.

In the last two weeks we’ve been all over… the mall, the swimming pool, various parks, the Karlsruhe palace, quite a few stores, a fitness class,  the forest, doctors’ appointments, a brand new playgroup, and even a informational meeting about EC!  I’ve been busy meeting people and making friends, and even had three different people over to my house on different afternoons.  One is a friend from my neighborhood, and the other two are people who want to try EC, and so we spent the whole afternoon just talking about how to have a diaper-free baby.  It was wonderful and SO liberating!  I have met a lot of really nice people who I think would make great friends, and that is very exciting for me.  On top of that, I have one friendship which is getting deeper, and that makes me really happy, too.  I didn’t realize how isolated I had been before.

laundry hanging up to dry

Laundry hanging up to dry – it never seems to end…

I’ve also been getting better at managing the household… dinner is getting finished at a more reasonable hour now, and I am consistently getting the laundry and dishes done.  Which reminds me;  our dryer broke several weeks ago, so I have to hang up everything to dry by hand.   Ugh.

Our stroller broke, too, and they need four weeks to fix it.  So in the mean time I have been taking Olivia everywhere in the front carrier.  I was carrying her a lot even before the stroller broke, but sometimes a stroller really is a lot more convenient.  For example, when I want to go clothes shopping.  But for the most part, the carrier works just fine, so I am perfectly happy with that.

I have been doing lots of diaper free time as well.  Last week Olivia went without a diaper morning till night every day, in fact!  But I will write about that in my diaper free update post.

The biggest change is that I have just flat out given up on any attempt to keep a schedule.  I haven’t been keeping track of feedings for more than a month now, but now I’m not keeping track of sleep, either.   I had been trying to enforce naps, counting the wake time in between naps and all of that.  I had been so frustrated, and was spending so much time trying to get Olivia to sleep that I was burning myself out.  Now I’ve just let the whole thing go.  If I feel like she needs to sleep, I take her for a walk and she will fall asleep in the stroller.  Or I will let her sleep in my lap for a while.  Sometimes I lay her in the crib, too.  She has been sleeping a lot more this way, and has moved her natural bedtime from 10pm to somewhere between 7 and 9:30pm.  (It’s different every day, but that’s mostly because what we do each day is so different.)   It’s been a lot less stress on both of us.  I always thought that a strict routine would be the best way to go, but to be honest, *I* am too disorganized to follow one!

And you know what?  I am happier this way, and Olivia is too!  So I am not going to worry about it anymore.

Olivia shows off her mad turning skillz

The title of my post has another meaning though:  Olivia can now roll from her back to her tummy!  She doesn’t do it very often, but that’s fine by me.  She has also learned how to turn 360° in a circle on the floor.


Look mommy! I can roll! Tee Hee Hee!

On top of all this, she has added some new sounds to her vocabulary, including “real” laughing, and a very interesting grunting sound.  I haven’t figured out what the grunting means… I think she is just playing with her voice.   She seems to be using it instead of the “singing” she was doing a few weeks ago.  I have to admit, I thought the singing was much prettier.  Apparently Olivia has a different idea of pretty.  But that’s ok, she can sing by grunting if she wants to.



10 Responses to “Turning Point”

  1. 1 Grand Dad July 2, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    We had a washing machine with a spin dryer for the clothes … but everything finished drying on the line … in the basement during the winter, and outdoors when it was sunny. Growing up I had a lot of practice with the clothes pins!

    • 2 christiana83 July 9, 2012 at 12:14 pm

      At one apartment I lived in we did all our washing by hand, and had a centripetal “basket” which you turned by hand to dry the clothes…! Fortunately I didn’t have so much laundry. It’s a TON more now with a baby. I wish we had a line to dry stuff on, since then it could catch the sun better and would help get out some stains, and teh wind would make the stuff less stiff. But since we only have a balcony there really isn’t room for one. 😦

  2. 3 melaniecarbine July 3, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Moms always give me schedules and I always take the feel of it from the kid. Otherwise, it’s too frustrating. And, I always got the kid fed, walked, napped and played out, and the moms were always fine with it. So, honestly, I think you have the right idea. Plus, you’re making friends! Way to go on everything 🙂

  3. 5 Olivia Slama July 8, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Oh my goodness. I cannot handle how adorable your daughter is. So cute! As for your post- I know exactly what you mean about scedules. We keep “mini schedules.” The day is unplanned except for certain parts, like our bedtime schedule. It’s always at a different time, but it’s the same routine every night (diaper, jammies, brush teeth, story time, bed time) 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog- I’ll be sure to keep up with yours!

    And seriously- SUCH AN ADORABLE BABY!

    • 6 christiana83 July 14, 2012 at 7:12 pm

      Thanks Olivia! gosh this must be the third time I’ve tried to respond to your comments… for some reason what I type on the iPad doesn’t seem to show up…! I wanted to say that we do have a few routines, mostly in the mornings when waking up, but I do have one for bedtime too. unfortunately I do the bedtime routine, but then she doesn’t fall asleep afterwards! no matter what I do, rocking, singing, even nursing, doesn’t seem to lull her off to sleep until much later, like 10 pm. we are working on this though.

  4. 7 Olivia Slama July 11, 2012 at 2:27 am

    It’s me again! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award! You can check it out at http://oliviarslama.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/lovely/
    Keep on Blogging! 😀
    Olivia Slama

  5. 9 eliminationcommunication July 17, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    How did I miss this post? I am so happy that you’ve gotten out! Getting a hug from the great outdoors makes such a huge difference, I so agree! I have to say though that when I read this, “I haven’t been keeping track of feedings for more than a month now, but now I’m not keeping track of sleep, either. I had been trying to enforce naps, counting the wake time in between naps and all of that.” Oh my gracious! How did you survive trying to do that! You are a strong woman for surviving that trip down that lane!

    • 10 Christiana July 17, 2012 at 6:39 pm

      Haha, thanks :P. Well to be honest, I didn’t survive it. And I didn’t really “do” it either… Hence the “try”… I was using an App on my iPad to keep track, which was cool, but took too much time. And of course I never kept track when we were out. But since we live in an apartment it’s even more important to get out… I guess it was this new mom “freeze” that I was in… Glad I got out of that place!!

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