Diaper Free Update – Weeks 21, 22, 23, 24

To be perfectly honest, I am not even sure if I am on week 24 now… I am totally stabbing in the dark here.  But I am too lazy to go find a calendar and count the weeks, so week 24 it is 😛

So, the biggest news first:  I discovered a diaper-free group in Karlsruhe!  I went to an informational meeting at the “Stillcafé Karlsruhe”, which is held twice a month in the Hebammenpraxis “Rundum”.  This was just an informational meeting, not the actual group itself, but there were something like 20 parents there who were interested in EC!  Many were already practicing it, too.  It was so motivating to actually meet some other ECers in real life, that it made me want to do more diaper free time, and I did for the whole next week.  (We were diaper free at home all the time except for nights)  I do plan to go to the diaper free group, but I haven’t done it yet.

Just before going to this meeting, I also happened to meet two other moms who were interested in going diaper free.  We met up at my house to talk about how I approach it, and just to hang out.  So now I have two new EC friends!  This friendship thing is going really well, and I am happy 😀

Because of all this, I have been really motivated, and we did lots of diaper free time.   But in spite of that, Olivia seems to be in a phase where she doesn’t signal for pees anymore.  For poos it’s still no problem, but pees are becoming harder to catch.  I think this is because she is learning how to roll and working a lot on new “sounds”.  (She has perfected the back-to-tummy roll on her left hand side, but still can’t do it in any other direction)  So I do think that signaling for pees with return at some point.

Olivia just in her undies

It’s so much easier to roll when you’re just in undies!

I’ve also discovered that when Olivia doesn’t have a diaper on, I can comfortably hold her on my lap while typing on the computer, or eating dinner, talking to a friend, etc, and she almost never pees on me.  In that position she always lets me know when she has to go, so I don’t even bother with a cloth or anything to catch a miss.  When she is on the floor she doesn’t signal much, so we have lots of misses (especially if she’s on her belly)  but as long as I am holding her she actually does let me know pretty clearly.  I can be totally absorbed in a conversation and she will start trying to catch my attention by pulling at me, or arching her back, and fussing.  And she will continue that for a good 5 minutes or more until I finally take notice.  It is really pretty amazing!  Unfortunately I also have to do a lot of things where I can’t hold her, like the dishes, laundry and (the big one) cooking.  That is why I am still using diapers so much.

After 5 months of practicing EC, I can definitely say that it’s worth it.  I know some people say that it isn’t any more work than diapering, but that hasn’t really been my experience… (probably since I am still using a diaper, so that adds a lot of time to pull it on and off all the time…)  but even with the extra effort I am still SUPER happy with everything.  I love seeing the smile on Olivia’s face when she’s done her business in the toilet.  I love that she is clean almost all the time.  I love that we have this extra connection.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, even with several kids in the house.


3 Responses to “Diaper Free Update – Weeks 21, 22, 23, 24”

  1. 1 98dayjourney July 15, 2012 at 4:19 am

    This is very interesting. What exactly does EC stand for?

    • 2 christiana83 July 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm

      EC stands for “Elimination Communication”, which is another name for the practice of “diaper free”. Some people don’t use a diaper at all, and others use one full time as a back up, but the basic idea is that you learn how to recognize your baby’s signals of when they need to “eliminate” (pee or poo). It’s more or less like learning how to recognize when your baby is hungry or tired. (So yeah, I often don’t guess quite right, but you do figure it out pretty quickly) Then you just take the baby to a place to do it’s business, like the toilet, sink, or a bowl, or a potty, or whatever you like to use. Of course, as you can guess there are tons of misses, which is why I use a back up diaper so I don’t get too stressed out. But it’s supposed to be a gentle, child-centered practice, and the goal is basically to keep the baby clean rather than having him sitting in waste all the time. (the goal isn’t potty training, although that does usually happen a bit earlier if you do EC) You can find out more at http://www.diaperfreebaby.org if you are curious!
      It isn’t really potty training though,

  2. 3 eliminationcommunication July 17, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Moose doesn’t signal much on the floor. I can’t usually tell the difference between the “I can’t reach it”, “I’m inch worming and it is hard work and I need to be vocal”, “I gotta pee”, “I’m in a drool puddle”, and “I peed” fusses!

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