OK, so remember how I said I had a bunch of posts which I never had time to actually publish? This is one of those… I originally wrote it a month ago – before Olivia could roll! Now that I’ve finally got the pictures uploaded, I will share it with you now 😀


Last week I went to our neighborhood butcher shop, where the ladies know me very well and are always excited to see Olivia. I bought some ground beef and sliced ham (Kochschinken, to be specific… since in Germany there is no such thing as “just regular ham”.) Anyways, after slicing the ham for me, the woman behind the counter asked me if I was planning to make Schinkennudeln (“ham noodles”) this week. Confused, I said “well… I hadn’t planned on it, but I suppose I could… why?” She just goes “I think you ARE going to make Schinkennudeln this week!” I still didn’t get it until I saw her wrap up the rest of the chunk of ham and place it in my bag. “OH! ” I said, “Well, thanks! I guess I will!! ” Haha.

So, with a rather large chunk of ham on my hands, I got creative and used a bunch of things I had laying around the kitchen to create my own version of Spaghetti Carbonera.

Olivia is excited to help out

First I chopped up a small onion and 4 mushrooms (that’s what I had left.) Then I chopped the ham into strips. I would guess there was about 300g of ham. I sautee’d the whole thing in a little oil.

Ham, Onions and mushrooms in Olive Oil

At the same time, I started some spaghetti boiling. We didn’t have enough, so I threw in some Penne too. (No need to get picky, now!)

Then I added about 200mL of cream, and half a container (ca. 100g) of light cream cheese, and brought it to a boil.

Added cream and cream cheese. This is definitely not a dish for losing weight…

Olivia trying to roll

I want to roll over, but my legs aren’t cooperating…

I warmed up some frozen peas and corn in the microwave for about 1 minute, and then threw those in as well. Gotta get some veggies in there! I didn’t add any salt becuase the ham is already salty enough.

Then I brought the whole thing to a boil one more time, and threw in some chopped parsley, and that’s it!

Chopped Parsley

The finish product! It tasted fantastic – but probably mostly due to the high fat content… oh well. Getting good quality ham is the most important thing. But having something sweet, like the cream and the pees, is a really good idea.

The finished product


Pair it with a salad! I just cut up some oranges and tomatoes.

Enough already! I’m hungry!


3 Responses to “Schinkennudeln”

  1. 1 Grand Dad July 16, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Yummy. I wish I could have helped!

  2. 3 eliminationcommunication July 17, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    That looks so fantastically delightful. I can almost taste it. Pardon my drool.

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