Diaper Free – Week 25

OK, so I actually counted the weeks and we have just finished week #25. Strange hwo the numbers don’t really add up, since Olivia isn’t 6 months old until next Sunday. But whatever. week 25 it is.

Olivia has really improved her bladder control, and so I am catching more and more pees now, even in the mornings! Woohoo! I’m not sure if this is just my “mother intuition” getting better, or whether she is getting better at letting me know, but I have become much more relaxed and everything is flowing better now. We are really in a groove! I don’t really pay hardly any attention to her pottying any more, and yet somehow I am still catching a good 75% of pees and 90% of poos. It’s crazy. I will just be sitting there and suddenly it will pop into my head that maybe she has to pee, and she does! Other times she will fuss quite a bit (5 or 10 minutes) without me even thinking about her needing to pee, and when it finally dawns on me, I take her and she has held it all that time. I think she has learned that I take a long time to respond, and so she lets me know extra early.

I’ve also really started making the switch to cloth diapering instead of disposables, which has probably helped her be more motivated to signal to me. I have 4 All-in-One diapers, but mostly I am using diaper covers with flats. The all-in-ones are super cute and I love them, but to be honest they are almost TOO nice, and I am afraid of staining them!! Good thing most of our poos go in the toilet, or I would hate cloth diapering. The directions on the diapers say that you don’t have to pre-wash them or even rinse off the poo – just throw it in teh washing machine with an extra pre-wash cycle, and that’s it. But I have visions of poo floating around in there and contaminating all the other diapers. I just really hate the thought of it. So whenever I happen to miss a poo (which is about once a day) I rinse it off first in the sink. I am not afraid of touching it as long as I wash my hands afterwards. But it really is more work, and I don’t think I would do cloth diapering if I weren’t doing EC, since Olivia poos every time she nurses (about 8-10 times a day). That would be a LOT of poopy diapers. Thank goodness for toilets!!

Olivia has also found a very effective way of telling me that she’s done on the potty. She puts up her arms and kind of “jumps” very slightly out of my hold! (don’t worry, there’s no danger of her falling) She’s been doing this for about a month now, and I’ve found that if I try to take her away before she TELLS me she’s done, she almost always complains, and sometimes even has an accident immediately after. Sometimes we will be sitting there for a good 5 minutes, and she will have already done 2 poos in the toilet, and I will think, “Ok, that must be it. you’ve just been sitting her singing to me for the last 3 minutes, you must be done… right?” but if I try to take her away she will get mad at me and start stiffening up her legs to get me to take her back to the toilet! She’ll be fussy until I do. And then out will come another huge load. So I’ve learned that I really do need to trust in what my baby is telling me. She knows best whether or not there is more on the way! At night usually she just kind of puts up her arms a little bit rather than leaping away, since she is half-asleep. But even that is enough for me to know.

I am really quite impressed and fascinated by how close our connection has become, and how much I really understand about my daughter. They don’t call it Elimination Communication for nothing!


8 Responses to “Diaper Free – Week 25”

  1. 1 inherchucks August 1, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2 grammD August 1, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    never thought it would be so interesting – catching poos I mean

  3. 4 Allison November 20, 2012 at 12:49 am

    This is fascinating! I work so I couldn’t even consider not using diapers, but I really don’t mind using cloth. Our system works great, but this is really interesting!

    • 5 christiana83 November 25, 2012 at 10:30 pm

      Yeah, EC is really cool! I know it definitely isn’t something that everyone can or would want to do. But it really IS amazing what babies are capable of! Most people don’t know that they are even aware of their own elimination. By the way, it is totally possible to do it part time, (like only in the evenings, or only once per day right when they wake up in the morning) Even just taking them potty once a day really has a lot of advantages to help the baby stay aware of their bladder and get used to the potty. It definitely isn’t something you have to go “all out” to do! Lots of people practice EC even though they also work full time; the baby just learns to accept going in the diaper when they aren’t with mom. But obviously if you are happy with what you are doing, that is the most important thing. And cloth diapers are great, too! (I also use cloth diapers, as a full time back up)

      • 6 Allison November 26, 2012 at 1:18 am

        I’m shocked at how few people used CD considering how convenient they are. It has not been an imposition on us in any way.

      • 7 christiana83 November 30, 2012 at 5:09 pm

        Yeah I know what you mean! My pediatrician asked me “what kind of pampers are those?” When she saw my clth diapers, and I was like “uh… These are cloth diapers, you know, like REGULAR diapers, not pampers… ” lol

        She told me she hadn’t seen anyone with CD in more than ten years!

      • 8 Allison November 30, 2012 at 8:10 pm

        That’s hilarious! Mine didn’t act confused, she just attempted to put one back on her after she’d taken it off and gave up quickly saying that she had no idea how to work it….it was a pocket diaper with snaps, not terribly complicated, but whatever!

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