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Hello from Olivia

Today’s post is from Olivia:

m, kp                                                 fcghcccccccccccccc                               dh ,k                 o   m,-ö ö fffh  h ,


And here is her typing it:

Olivia with the keyboard   Olivia and Christiana at the computer

The Solids Saga – Part 3 – Cantaloupe

Yesterday I took Olivia to the mall with me, since I was desperately in need of clothes which actually fit.  Those last couple of pregnancy pounds just aren’t making their departure just yet.

We spent quite a long time, and I found tons of clothes, which is good for me since I really don’t like shopping for clothes, and usually don’t find anything I like.  So to celebrate, and to make sure my new clothes don’t get baggy, I decided to take Olivia to the ice-cream Cafè.

Normally I would’ve called up my best ice-cream friend, Lisa, but she’s in Berlin, so Olivia was the only excuse I had.  (Lisa, I miss you!!  When are you coming back?!)

We had the “Cantaloupe Cup”:

The cantaloupe cup - ice cream

The Cantaloupe Cup (minus one piece of cantaloupe, which Olivia has in her hand)

Olivia got to eat the cantaloupes, and I had the cup.

Cantaloupe really seemed to go over well – she chewed and chewed and chewed on it!  I don’t think she actually ate any, but that’s fine.  The good news is, she only gagged herself once, and even then it wasn’t very bad!  but I was keeping a very close eye on her, this being a restaurant and all.

I think the skin being on the cantaloupe helped a lot, and also I took bites out of it to give her a better shape to grip.

She liked it so much that I bought her one to take home!

Olivia with a Cantaloupe in the Stroller

People, We Have a Tooth!

I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed that it would have appeared today.  But this morning as I was eating breakfast, Olivia was practically leaping out of my lap to get at my glass of juice, so I let her chew on the rim, as I’ve been doing for a while now.

Only this time I noticed a new sound… a tiny “click click click”.

At first I thought, “Oh no, she’s got something in her mouth.”  But then it dawned on me, and so I pried my way in to look at her gums.  Lo and behold; a tooth!!  Just barely showing above the gums.  It can’t be more than half a millimeter out.  It almost looks transparent.  But it’s definitely, a 100% genuine tooth!

And, Dad, to answer your question before you ask;  no – she hasn’t bitten me yet 😛


Olivia is testing out her new tooth on the camera strap

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