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The Solids Saga – Part 3 – Cantaloupe

Yesterday I took Olivia to the mall with me, since I was desperately in need of clothes which actually fit.  Those last couple of pregnancy pounds just aren’t making their departure just yet.

We spent quite a long time, and I found tons of clothes, which is good for me since I really don’t like shopping for clothes, and usually don’t find anything I like.  So to celebrate, and to make sure my new clothes don’t get baggy, I decided to take Olivia to the ice-cream Cafè.

Normally I would’ve called up my best ice-cream friend, Lisa, but she’s in Berlin, so Olivia was the only excuse I had.  (Lisa, I miss you!!  When are you coming back?!)

We had the “Cantaloupe Cup”:

The cantaloupe cup - ice cream

The Cantaloupe Cup (minus one piece of cantaloupe, which Olivia has in her hand)

Olivia got to eat the cantaloupes, and I had the cup.

Cantaloupe really seemed to go over well – she chewed and chewed and chewed on it!  I don’t think she actually ate any, but that’s fine.  The good news is, she only gagged herself once, and even then it wasn’t very bad!  but I was keeping a very close eye on her, this being a restaurant and all.

I think the skin being on the cantaloupe helped a lot, and also I took bites out of it to give her a better shape to grip.

She liked it so much that I bought her one to take home!

Olivia with a Cantaloupe in the Stroller


A Solid Attempt at Solids

Yesterday was the big day!  Although we had playfully given Olivia a few things to chew on over the past weeks (watermelon, apple, pear, a noddle and an orange slice…) all of that was mostly just for fun and she enjoyed sucking the juices out of them.  Well, except for the noodle, which she played with for a while and then spit out.  But I didn’t consider any of that to be “introducing solids”, especially since none of those things are really considered to be good first foods except for the pear.

So after a lot of thought and research, I chose to give Olivia Avocado as her very first solid food.  Avocado is perfect not only nutritionally, but also since she is half Mexican, I feel it is also symbolic.

Plus, they are just really cool looking!

I cut up some long slices which she immediately snatched right out of my hand and put in her mouth!  What success!   She even wanted to wipe her hands in between slices.

Olivia eating a slice of avocado


Olivia playing with a paper towel

But instead of mashing it up with her gums, she decided it was better to push it all the way to the back of throat, which of course caused her to gag.  I tried several times with new pieces, always with the same result, until she suddenly barfed up all of the milk she had drunk at her last nursing session all over the floor.  Eww!  Poor Olivia.

Barf all over the floor

So long story short, I don’t think she is quite ready yet.  I might try some avocado mushed up this week, or maybe just wait another week to try again.

It kind of makes sense, since she has been gagging herself constantly with her own fingers, and even her toys if they fit far enough into her mouth.  I am wondering when she’s finally going to realize that “hey, when I put stuff to the back of my throat I  start gagging! ” I’m guessing it’s going to be a while judging by the looks of things.

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